Cities foster  economies of scale and agglomeration 

and account for about 70% of global GDP

Cities consume over two thirds of the energy  and are responsible for over 70% of GHG global emissions

Linking Research to Action

Observe, Analyse and Act 


Smart Urban Observatory

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Cities are dynamic living organisms that are constantly evolving. ICT has turned numerous places into real-time cities.  This calls for a smart real-time monitoring & evaluation, planning, management & design, and advocacy & policy, which is the mission of the smart urban observatory

Urban Challenges

Over one third of the world urban population in live in household without improved water, improved sanitation, durable housing and sufficient living area. Learn more

Development of cities requires infrastructures such as transport and energy. Without that urban dwellers are exposed to traffic congestion and air pollution. Learn more

Many cities in developing regions are exposed to disasters associated to fire, flooding, earthquake, terrorism,  etc. Learn more

Urban Opportunities

Connected streets promote social inclusion by ensuring high quality public spaces that promote interaction among communities; by improving safety and security; and by promoting green spaces.

Secure tenure goes beyond protection against eviction and includes economic and financial advantages. Tapping in the Triangle of Economic Productivity - People, Land & Infrastructures will create sustainable, inclusive prosperous and resilient cities.

Milestones: Governance & Achievements

Milestones on Governance and Achievements


Fully funded by the founder

with A volunteer board of directors

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July 2014

Sept. 2014

March 2015

April 2015

Sept. 2015

October 2016






GORA Corp was established as a not-for-profit organization in New York


GORA Corp was launched at the United Nations General Assembly, USA

Determination of GORA as tax-exempt from US tax under section 501(c)(3)

GORA Corp launched its Africa regional programme in Nairobi, Kenya 

Accreditation for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit

Memorandum of Understanding with UN-Habitat on  Smart Cities

Publications on Smart Cities and Digital Urbanization with Cambridge U Press

Signed MOUs with global, national and local institutions on urban observatories

Several Conferences and Capacity Building workshops

Key indices: Smart City, Sustainable City, City Foundation, Smart Mobility & Multiple Slums


Planned activities 2020-2025

Planning 2020-2025: Program & Resources







Smart Urban Observatories

Smart Policies

Smart Cities


Diversified project-based funding

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