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Ch13 - Smart Social Development Key for Smart African Cities

 This chapter focuses on the Social Development dimensions of smart cities, composed of elements of health and education.

 When education and health are combined, undoubtedly they contribute significantly to human development.

Ch14 - Smart Urban Economy in Africa

 the chapter provides recommendation to seize the urban advantage

in Africa in order to achieve liveable Smart Cities that undergo inclusive sustainable

economic growth and development.

Ch15 - Information and Communication Technologies in Africa

 The changes in the ICT sector in Africa are part of an international

dynamic resulting from the combination of liberalization policies, incredible technological

advances and strong consumer demand.

Ch16 - The Way Forword

 This book puts forward a shift of the paradigm to re-conceptualize the future of African cities towards sustainability, resilience, inclusion and prosperity in the context of an information-driven global and local development.

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